Oisin Robinson's Story



Working for HealthHarmonie this summer was one of my best decisions. I started the holiday as your traditional student, skint broke. Working for HealthHarmonie has given me the opportunity to gain experience, skills and (importantly) some extra money for when I return to university in October.

HealthHarmonie is a great place to work. The inclusive management style has allowed me to work full time, while being flexible enough to enable me to go on a short holiday and attend personal appointments.The location is also a bonus. This has made it great for a Friday afternoon where I can go out and meet up with mates on Broad Street, which is literally a 10 min walk away.

The skills I have been taught as part of my work will serve me well in trying to get internships in the future. This summer I have been shown and learned from others how to deal with patients and healthcare staff, how to handle sensitive information confidentially in accordance with data protection, along with other essential ‘soft’ skills such as teamwork and communication that so many employers find valuable.

The central office is just off Five Ways, so an easy commute or walk from the city centre or the university campus.

At my previous job I was getting less than 10 hours a week with no hope of getting any more. Now I am working full time which has been fantastic for me, as I love to be busy. However, there is always the option of working part time too throughout the year, if you have other activities you need to do too. The best thing for me now going forwards is the security of knowing that, if I need some extra money over Christmas or Easter, I can apply to come back and work intermittently, depending on holiday dates, as valuable employees seem to be welcome at any time.