Community Dermatology Services


We provide high quality dermatology services across England

Please find below a list of conditions included within the Community Dermatology Service;

  • Rashes of diagnostic uncertainty (where no concerns of malignancy exist)
  •  Inflammatory disorders not responding to GP treatment e.g. lichen planus
  •   Moderate acne
  •   Moderate psoriasis for treatment principally with topical therapies
  •  Moderate eczema for treatment principally with topical therapies and supervision by nurse/health visitors
  • Other moderate inflammatory dermatoses that are poorly controlled despite treatment from the GP


We provide the following diagnostic services and interventions;

  •  Punch biopsy
  •  Shave biopsy
  •  Skin surgery
  •   Cryotherapy

  • Bowens Disease
  • Benign lesions (excludes surgery)
  • Symptomatic lesions such as:
  •  Pynogenic granulomata
  •  Dermatofibromata
  •  Patients referred from secondary care for follow up
  • Benign Naevi ( for diagnosis of removal non commissioned for cosmetic purposes)
  •  Low Risk Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Solar Lentigo
  • Non scarring nail dystrophy
  •   Non scarring localised alopecia
  •  Keloid scars (excludes surgery)
  •  Urticaria



  • Oral and topical treatments
  • Haematology
  • Mole Mapping
  • Roaccutane treatment for severe Acne.