How to refer

You can refer into HealthHarmonie using the following methods:

  • NHS E-Referral

  • NHS net

  • Secure Fax

Please make sure that you complete the referral form fully, including correct and up to date patient details and clinical indications. If you are hand writing a referral, please make sure writing is clear and legible. 

If your patient requires any special arrangements or translation services, please indicate this on their referral form. 

What happens when you refer a patient

We contact the patient within 48 Hours to arrange an appointment.

Your patient will receive information confirming their appointment by letter with the time and location of their appointment (including a map of the location), what preparation they need to do for their appointment.

We aim to return the results of the consultation to you within 24 hours by fax, NHS email or Docman.

Urgent Cases


If you request an appointment on an urgent basis, we will offer the patient an appointment within 5 working days

If after attending an appointment with HealthHarmonie our clinician decides a patient requires urgent onward referral or an urgent GP appointment, we will notify you via telephone and send the outcome report within 2 hours of the patients appointment. 



NHS E-Referral