• Provide patients safe, high quality and empowering healthcare through services that promote accessibility and shared decision making.

  • Centre patients by developing services in line with their specific needs.



  • Over 14 years working with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), GPs and NHS Trusts

  • Provision of integrated capacity services to support hospitals and pilot schemes for CCGs. We operate services in the following medical fields:



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As a provider of healthcare services we:

  • Treat all patients fairly, with dignity and respect

  • Adhere to all contractual requirements and time frames

  • Deliver high quality, safe services consistently

  • Ensure all staff are trained to the appropriate level on an annual basis

  • Listen to feedback from GPs, patients and commissioners and ensure this is used to positively develop services.

  • Place quality and safety at the core of everything we do and continuously work to ensure our services are efficient.


What do our patients think?