Our vision is to provide all patients with access to safe, high quality care and be empowered to make decisions regarding their own treatment. HealthHarmonie believes that healthcare services should be accessible, innovative and efficient and we constantly work to provide this.


We hold patients at the centre of all that we do. We develop our services in line with patient needs to promote positive experiences. Our services are underpinned by strong Clinical Governance to promote the best care and safety for all patients.

We have been providing services for over 14 years, working closely with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s), General Practitioners (GP’s) and NHS Trusts. We also provide integrated capacity services to support hospitals as well as providing pilot services for CCG’s. We provide the following services:



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As a provider of healthcare services we:

  • Treat all patients fairly, with dignity and respect

  • Adhere to all contractual requirements and time frames

  • Deliver high quality, safe services consistently

  • Ensure all HealthHarmonie staff are trained to the appropriate level on an annual basis

  • Listen to feedback from GPs, patients and commissioners and ensure feedback is used to positively develop services.

  • Place quality and safety at the core of everything we do and we continuously work to ensure our services are efficient.


Our Values


What do our patients think?