Commissioning Service with us

We understand the pressures on GP's and Commissioners to deliver high quality services to patients in a cost effective and safe way. We work with commissioners in a number of ways to help you provide the best care for your patients. 

Our Experience

Through our 10 years of work within health care we have developed extensive experience which has allowed us to provide efficient, innovative and safe services. We have:

  • Worked with over 50 CCG’s to deliver patient centred services

  • Over 80,000 appointments conducted in 17/18

  • Resilient resource base with 100+ compliant/experienced specialist Clinicians

  • Robust Management Information structures enabling successful evidenced based achievement of KPIs

  •  Integrated software with primary & secondary care (including IEP & PACS)

  •  Established & approved national and local pathways in line with NICE guidelines

Our Performance

Our extensive knowledge and experience is reflected in our performance:

  •  100% of triage within 48 hours with 67% within 24 hours

  •  98% of patients seen within 28 days with 78% seen within 14 days

  •  100% of patients seen within follow up timeframe

  • 100% of referrers receiving outcome reports within 24 hours

  • 97.8% 18 week KPI achievement

What we can do for you

  •  Joint working to ensure services meet your needs and the needs of patients

  • Innovative service models utilising latest IT systems and best practice guidelines 

  • Referral Management services

  • End to End service management with robust care pathways

  • Monthly KPI reporting to track performance

  • Provide flexible clinic scheduling and locations to meet needs throughout service delivery including periods of high demand

  • Robust Clinical Governance structure of all staff and the service

  • Cost effective services

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